dijous, 11 de febrer de 2016

ESO 1:Theme Park presentation

You are going to make some research about a theme park you don't know and present it to your classmates.

You are going to work in groups of 3.

Step 1. In groups of 3, make some research about theme park all over the world. Choose one you like.

Step 2. Open a Google Drive presentation under the name of your park and share it at linarocaprevera@gmail.com.

Step 3. Start your presentations. You have to include the following information in each slide:

Slide 1- Name of your park & your names
Slide 2- General introduction about the park (where it is,  why it is famous for, ...?
Slide 3-The park's 3 Best Rides (photo+explanation)
Slide 4-Two internet comments on the park

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