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1. You've just read an article about slang in you digital book.
2.Now, watch the following video and answer the following on a separate sheet of paper.

-Definition of slang according to the video
-Some slang words that can mean "money"
-Some slang words that can mean "great"
-Slang words used before and considered offensive today
-Definition of "babe", "barbie", "cheerio", "dish" and "emo"

4. Your teacher will give you another article about slang. Read it carefully, do the activities.

5. Now that you're an expert on slang, imagine you have to write an article for a blog for teenagers. Your article must contain the following information. Please, use your own words or you'll be penalized!!!

Paragraph 1- What's slang? Definition, origins, who uses it?
Paragraph 2- Give some examples of slang.
Paragraph 3-What's the problem with slang? What hapenned in a school in England?
Paragraph 4-What's the problem with English students?
Paragraph 5-Importance of learning and understanding slang words.

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-Read the following information about forming comparatives & superlatives or  read the grammar reference 1 in your workbook (easier) and do the activities at the bottom of the page.

-Now try to do the following test on present simple vs present continuous. What's your score? Tell your teacher.

-In this unit we've also learnt how to use the present continuous to talk about future plans. Do you remember? Have a look at this page to revise it.

-Clothing vocabulary crossword

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