diumenge, 14 de maig de 2017


Part 1
-Get into groups of 3 people.
-Choose a country and do some research about its typical food.

-Create a 4 slide-presentation including the following information:

slide 1: Title and authors
slide 2: Country history of the food influences
slide 3: Basic elements of the country's cuisine and its characteristics
slide 4: Some typical dishes

Countries: England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Japan, China, India, United States, Mexican, etc.

-Use Google Drive and share it-  lina.colomer@rocaprevera.cat
-Present it to the class.

You are not allowed to read. 
The slides mustn't be full of text.

Part 2

-Choose an easy international recipe
-Write it down
-Make a video of your recipe. (present the ingredients needed and give clear instructions while you're cooking your recipe)

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