dimecres, 5 de febrer de 2014


Doing this activity you will

-practise your listening skills.
-learn more about supermarket techniques to make you buy more.

a. Go to the following website.
b.Watch the first part of the video titled How do supermarkets try and make us spend more money? You don't need to understand all the words.
c.Answer the following questions :
-How does Jane define supermarkets?
-What advice does she give?
-where is the most expensive stuff?
d. Watch the second part of the video titled How do supermarkets lure us in to start with?
e.Answer the questions:
-How do supermarkets lure us in with?
-What does Jane think about shoppers?

  • Lure: Attract.
  • Bargain: Very cheap.
  • Alley: Corridor in the supermarket.
  • Stuff: Things, food, etc.
f.Read the texts below the video to check your understanding.
g.Imagine you work for an online magazine and you have to write an article about shopping and shopping techniques. Use all the information of the video and  texts in your textbooks to write it. Find a good title for your article, too.
h.When you finish, show it to your teacher and print it for final correction.

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