dimarts, 14 de gener de 2014


Watch and listen to Cristiano Ronaldo talking after being awarded the second Ballon d'Or of his career.
Then, read the article you'll find below the video. Then, answer the questions below.

1. Write the meaning of the following words: 

break down into tears-
tight race-

2. Answer the questions.

a-After being elected the Ballon d'Or winner, how did Cristiano feel?
b-Is it the first time Ronaldo won the Ballon d'Or? When was it?
c-Who gave him the trophy? How did he feel?
d-Who votes for the Ballon d'Or?
e-Do you think that Cristiano Ronaldo deserved the trophy this year? Why/Why not?

3.Translate the following passage said by Cristiano. Don't use google translator!

"It (he) was a legend of football, and to be mentioned next to him for the Golden Ball it was a an unbelievable feeling. I cannot expect a better night than this one even in my dreams. So I have to be proud of my work, what I did during the year - and this is going to give me motivation to work more and dedicate myself more for the future. And I hope to be here next year to try to win the third one."

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