dijous, 28 de novembre de 2013


Hi everybody!

Today's activity is about telling jokes in English. Do the following activities step by step.

1-Choose a good joke in the following webpages.The joke mustn't be very long and make sure you understand every word.

http://www.learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/jokes/div.block?page=2%2C1  (have a look at the following jokes, read the joke and click on Read the answer)
http://www.jokes.com/    (you'll find a lot of categories)
http://www.angelfire.com/on/topfen/jokes.html   (jokes for English learners)
http://www.workjoke.com/doctors-jokes.html   (doctor jokes)

2-Once you've chosen it, show it to you teacher.Copy and paste it in a word document
3-Copy and paste it in a word document.
4-Save your joke into the Escatx Folder. Name the document with your name, e.g.  mariafont_joke.odt
5-Learn your joke by heart. In the next class, you will have to tell it to the class!
6-Then, record it and send it to your teacher for evaluation.

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